All threads that access the database do so through the database engine. In addition, the Java methods run with a Java 2 security manager and will only have permissions defined by the policy file. In an embedded environment, when an application shuts down, it should first shut down Cloudscape. If you combine this attribute with any other attributes, they are ignored except for shutdown. A simpler way to back up a Cloudscape database is simply to use operating system tools to copy the database directory. Another instance of Cloudscape may have already booted the database C:

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Each of these security features is introduced below. You need to buy the driver on the official i-net web site.

Derby isn’t unique as a mature open-source SQL project. You also learned how to take advantage of Java integration to create Java functions and stored procedures. OracleDriver You can download the driver from the official web site. In an embedded environment, you also call getConnection to shutdown a Cloudscape database.

Indexing embeddef long columns is a bad idea in any case.

The table below contains basic information about database drivers that have preconfigured connection strings in ReadyAPI. See the Cloudscape Server and Administration Guide for more details. For more information about properties, see Tuning Cloudscape. Cloudconnector passes the following standard database connection URL to Cloudscape:.


Subscribe me to comment notifications. When a Cloudscape system shuts down, a message goes to the information log:.

My experience was different using embedded Cloudscape. Such a connection is called a nested connection. Cloudscape tables and indexes, known as conglomerates, consist of two or more pages.


Java, SQL, Cloudscape, and Derby

In addition, if you connect to clousscape database outside the current system, it automatically becomes part of the current system. For example, in an embedded environment, an application that accesses Cloudscape databases starts up the local JDBC driver, which starts up an instance of Cloudscape. For example, an int parameter would be declared as int[] and a String parameter would be declared as String[] so a value could be returned in it.

An example use of the database connection URL: You can use ij commands to set properties or create a separate properties file. Thus the databases are left in a consistent, valid state. However, all versions of the database connection URL which you can use for tasks besides connecting to a database have common features: Driver You can download the driver from the official web site.

JDBC Applications and the Cloudscape Technology

One solution for limiting access to sensitive data is to restrict programs from accessing views, tables, stored procedures, and other SQL database objects. IBM continues its Cloudscape commercial offering at no-charge, which adds features to the core Derby engine. Some SQL applications use hundreds or thousands of tables.


Because Cloudscape can execute Java stored procedures and user-defined functions embedded in a database, there has been some concern about using SQL injection techniques to execute malicious Java code. Cloudscape ensures that all committed transactions are durable, even if the system fails, through the use of a database log.

If this is the case, you cloudscaep see an SQLException like the cloucscape. Checkpointing marks the portions of the log that are no longer useful, writes changed pages to disk, then truncates the log.

You access an existing database by specifying it in the Cloudscape database connection URL in one of the following:. These technical features are discussed in this article, organized as shown below:. Booting Cloudscape Version 2. Shutting Down the System In an embedded environment, when an application shuts down, it should first shut down Cloudscape.

The text file cloudscape. In normal operation, Cloudscape keeps the log small through periodic checkpoints.