The technician restated that he could find no problem. Perhaps the FSB is set too high, or the power supply is weakening and can’t provide steady power to RAM, or some other problem with voltage regulation. It is the textmode memory for monchrome graphics cards. So the biggest driver should be loaded first. So every line behaves just as is you would have typed in on your keyboard.

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At first you have to know that this file is a normal batch file. And we don’t need any of them. I personally prefer the classic style of a black screen.

So the biggest driver should be loaded first. Feb 6, Messages: If you type mode co80 and press enter you will get the classic command prompt. Please remember to be considerate of other members. By default this is set to c: But didn’t he have the equipment specialized to test memory? No, create an account now. Now the really importand switches x and i. I then set it to load optimized defaults and I’m back to the “unreliable XMS memory” message – this time at address D8.


has detected unreliable XMS memory | WindowsBBS

Each section starts with a key word in brackets []. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Results 1 to 10 of 10 Thread: Your laptop does not have Windows or any other graphical operating system. But don’t trust them. You have to try it out. BootGui now this mmemory a real highlight. In fact Microsoft has prepared their software for the things we want to do.

Window’s Setup enables this option and therefore the command processor load windows every time memroy machine starts. It is often easier to make a small modification to your config. Windows has many ways of manipulating the system core. Microsoft presented a standard for graphic user interfaces, so nearly everybody could use the new look. Default value is 32, but some programs want some more DMA buffer.

We clearly see that DOS manages two different memory blocks, the conventional and the upper memory block.

MIMEM.SYS has detected unreliable XMS memory

This topic has been locked due to inactivity for a long period of time. But himem is a very critical program and wants to check your memory every time you boot up. I have noticed that many users have little or hardly any knowledge of the basic configuration topics.


So some basic understanding of the options described in this file is neccessary. Windows95 behaves just as Windows 3.

When I turn it on, Win98 begins to load until it gets to the point of displaying “HIMEM is testing extended memory” – mrmory, after a few seconds it displays an error message about unreliable XMS memory at address B although the number and exact test changes from time to time.

If it doesn’t detect anything wrong with it, your system is allowed to enter Safe Mode.

Some graphic cards I have seen also use bb7ff, so this very last optimization might not work for you. The same applies for the initializition of my sound blaster card.