If for example tcpip. Also filling in the My System Spec’s would help. As you said and as it shows in your report Chrome is by far causing NDIS network data monitoring to spike. But the hard pagefault is still high, and some lagg or system hang still occurs. Don’t want to see Ads? Register now for free! Join Date Feb

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Its apparently just a problem within the windows 7 kernel and has not been fixed yet. My problem happened when I installed windows 7 onto it. Similar help and support threads.

the Dreaded Latency | Cakewalk Forums

It wasn’t until last night I ran LatencyMon and discovered the drivers that have caused the issue. Did this solve your problem? Here are my computer specs if it helps: Ive noticed that if the driver is enabled, and im not doing anything network related its all fine.

I have that NDIS. As for Nvidia drivers, I doubt that tp a problem also for general purpose computing. Gripe at Intel for the stupid Wireless issue causing an unnecessary load on the machine raboof1 said: I ran latencymon and I found that flash player is causing many hardpage faults, and that a driver called ndis.


I am aware that the issue is wi-fi related. Resources for IT Professionals. TV, my sound stutters when opening another tab or just when simply watching the video and not doing anything else. My copy of ndis.

They are both actually ‘Disabled’ in Windows Device Manager? An Atheros and a Broadcom. I did some searching and noticed many dell people, particularly t the last 2 years are having this problem. If you want to reinstall, then do it without the crapware using this tried and tested technique: Very strange, and would love to hear from anyone that can explain this further.

Microsoft Network Monitor 3. Here is the CPU. Page 1 ncis 2. Find More Posts by bdolph. Find More Posts by damiansevren. SInce this only happens when stream we need some further network info.

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Lately ive noticed that while watching youtube videos or listening to music in windows media player, ill get these random stutter moments where the computer just seems to slow down for a second. General information about NDIS driver types. I’ve written so many dlsable and noone seems to be offereing anything except, update drivers, scandisk, bios updates, etc.


I have a recording studio, using Sonar X2. Was that Latency Mon you ran?

the Dreaded Latency

Hi all, I joined this group specifically to post a solution that worked for me. United Kingdom – English. You are likely to experience buffer underruns appearing as drop outs, clicks or pops. Post back if you need more help.

I had been using both ever since I purchased this audio disabel, about 8 months ago, however, I was using wi-fi in a home network environment, but also never disabled my wi-fi on the road, I had never had any problems. All were saying drivers and wifi.