Computer beeps while typing If the computer sometimes beeps while you are typing, Toggle Keys or Sticky Keys are active. After the key has been removed, using a swab with alcohol, clean the underside of the key and the key’s slot in the keyboard. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Need to know the model to be sure. Click Start , and then click Control Panel. Stuck key If a key is physically stuck in the down position, you might not have to replace your computer. Yahoo Mail 12, Questions.

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If you are presented with a page to enter your model number, enter your model number. If so, the broken pin must be removed from the hole before another keyboard can be connected.

Javascript is disabled in this browser. When the driver is finished installing, the Reinstallation is complete screen is displayed. Reconnect your other devices, including the mouse. If this problem continues, reinstall and update the keyboard software.

HP Compaq Ps-2 Keyboard 5188-7126 Model 5137 Black W Multimedia Volume Control

During the UEFI testing keybiard test the keyboard by pressing each key on the gp. If pins are bent, try to straighten the pins with the tip of a retracted ball-point pen. Unable to use keyboard for another Language, or Dvorak.


The Toggle Keys can emit a beep when the Lock keys are pressed. If you find pins that are bent, attempt to straighten the pins with the tip of a retracted ball-point pen. Cannot find keyboard driver. Includes ONLY what is shown in the pictures. Go to Keyboard does not work in this document to check the connections and synchronize the keyboard to the BIOS keyboarrd Windows. If the keyboard is under warranty, call the manufacturer to determine if it can be replaced.

What You Will Receive One 1 keyboard as pictured and described. Pressing a key once types several characters If two or more characters appear when pressing a key, use the following steps to adjust the key repeat delay:. If you don’t know your password, press Enter. Try another wired keyboard if 1537. If you do not see the symptom of your malfunctioning keyboard in this document and your keyboard is wirelessuse the support document Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Troubleshooting.

This software provides extra functionality for the extra multimedia keys, Internet keys, and the volume control on some keyboards.

HP Compaq Ps-2 Keyboard Model Black W Multimedia Volume Control | eBay

To disable Filter Keys and return to the default keyboard behavior, use the following steps:. Select one of the following symptoms that best matches the problem you are experiencing:. If the Charms menu does not open, the keyboard or operating system has stopped responding. You can now use the new keyboard.


If selected, remove the selection from Turn on Sticky Keys. See your keyboad documentation for specific instructions. Removing and cleaning a stuck key. After the computer restarts, continue to Step 2 to see whether an update for the keyboard driver is available from the HP Web site. If the keyboard has stopped responding, find out if the problem is with the keyboard or with keybboard software application you are using. If the Windows 8 Charms menu does not open, the keyboard might be bad.

Consider replacing the keyboard for these types of keyboards. Turn off the computer and before working on keyboard. If the keyboard is still under warranty and the key is stuck, you might want to contact HP to see if the keyboard can be replaced before removing a kryboard. Wrong characters appear when typing, changing keyboard language, or Dvorak.