Finding ScrollPoints in new condition is more uncommon, but not impossible. Because of the extra feature being able to use them with both interfaces, these microcontrollers are often found in mice from many vendors. It’s practically brand new since I only used it a few times. This PCB is connected by two ribbon cables that are hard-soldered. Another difference is that the bottom covers are different between the two as well: It is possible to ‘donate’ the rubber siding from the ball ScrollPoint Pro to the optical one, this does require some minor modifications however. A few reasons may be that 1 most people don’t like change, 2 the ScrollPoint performs too fast without drivers, 3 IBM didn’t push marketing or continue to really develop the product into the mainstream.

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If you have different coloured ScrollPoints, you can mix and match button colours. Show More Show Less. If ibn ScrollPoint isn’t new and has a damaged rubber coating, just use a magic eraser and gently remove the rubber or let the plastic soak in water and soap for a few hours and rub it off with a coarse cloth.

I wonder how similar the Lenovo ones are Various online sellers and auctions will generally have ScrollPoint mice available in bulk. These ScrollPoint mice are the most common, and in my opinion the nicest for overall features– they are also very easy to work on and modify. The research document can be read here: This part can be skipped if rpo don’t want the glowing aspect you could even desolder the LED.


IBM ScrollPoint Pro (31P) Mouse | eBay

I’ve replaced the original blue LED with a purple one, and it really fits the mouse very well 1 matching the ScrollPoint cap’s original colour much better 2 makes the glow a lot more soft and less visually intrusive. Skip to main content. And fortunately you can just use the black rubber siding from a slate blue MO18B so it fits nicely at the top and you get a fresh piece.

Ideally it would be nice to have the transparency tracking features of Revision A, coupled with revision A’s more sensitive ScrollPoint, and revision B’s faster mouae sensitivity. If you’re moderately gentle the original porous texture underneath the rubber will be preserved.

IBM ScrollPoint (31P7405) Mouse

The slate blue mice are presumably less common and were only manufactured with IBM logos because scro,lpoint colour was dropped with the later models. Went searching and came up with this: It can only be obtained used or NOS at this point going forward. The first version of the standard three-button ScrollPoint mice were announced in around It’s pressure sensitive and can be controlled to suit your needs. I’m using Debian and I can only scroll up and down by default.

A few reasons may be that 1 most people don’t like change, 2 the ScrollPoint performs too fast without drivers, 3 IBM didn’t push marketing por continue to really develop the product into the mainstream.

It’s very hard to find them; getting one with an IBM-logo is quite in vain. Works on many types of surfaces. If you’re going to use a Lenovo board, be warned that scrillpoint people have reported premature failure with them– most likely due to cold solder joints or prematurely failed capacitors.


And Apple just released their “magic” mouse which supports scolling Is the Pro version functionally different to the regular one, or just more comfortable and better looking?

Disassembling the ScrollPoint mechanism itself reveals the pads which sense the resistance when compressed, along with the patent number for the technology on the back which doesn’t seem to be an IBM patent:. Especially the “cat’s toungue” ones where you can get a good grip on them.

The antique sage ones are prized for their unique look, however.

IBM ScrollPoint (31P) Mouse | eBay

In fact, I think the guy was selling a number of them in the one auction. This mouse will not give away very easily. We have these kinds of scrollpoint mouses at work: Site Maintenance – August 31, Be careful not to cut too deep and slice away the plastic.

The original ScrollPoint mouse debuted in to combine the similar TrackPoint mechanism as found on the ThinkPads to replace scdollpoint standard mouse wheel.

Regardless, it does have a following of few who like the ergonomy and enhanced scrolling ability.