Daniel August 30, In fairness to the fitter, we did try 44 and So my next experiment is to put the staffs in the bag and play a few rounds. Joe Golfer Mar 6, at 2: Yes, you will adjust and get used to the new SW. There are no standards in golf for any specs on clubs including loft. This is because the same swingweight at one length does not demonstrate the same headweight feel when duplicated at a shorter length.

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Guide To Swingweight

ROBERT Thanks very much for taking your time to dig us up and read a little bit to help you know you have been on the right track with your driver selection and play. Know plenty of phenomenal players that play with retail racquets with no mods, which means they are often swinging swingweightt and it looks like they’re never worried about pace or absorbing vibrations.

So you know why you should find the correct swing-weight, but how does one go about doing this? This of course is much easier said than done because it requires both specialized equipment to do that accurately coupled with proper training to know how to fixture the heads to measure their lofts.

Somewhere I read that the reason why SW’s are going down is to help encourage these new modern frames that are open string pattern and very easy to generate RHS onto junior players. Tom Wishon February 21, Nor do I care to know. Hi Tom, I have recently built a set of clubs to what I feel are perfect for me, however listening to comments about swing weights from other professionals I work with, I am now questioning if I have indeed made a wrong decision.


So grip weight exists in only a 10g or so high to low range. Play the 4 and 7 both at 42 and see if you have enough distance difference between the two. And the very best to you in this great game!!

Swingweight is NOT an absolute measurement of weight, as grams or ounces are. Any help would be appreciated.

I can hammer my 3 wood approx ish, and I only recently bought the new driver hoping to get back to my old ish distance but I seem to not be able to get there. Tom Wishon February 6, This is important to keep in mind going forward! I have a pretty broad range of SW’s that I can handle equally well. I will want to know who it is. I agree, it is not fair. If a drivers swingweight is too heavy what would the expected miss be? This one can be a little tricky but it also can be easier to deal with.

JJ Very glad to hear that you found Jamie to work with for your fitting needs.

Proper Swing Weight

Shafts are 85 grams uniflex. Tom, I noticed that the only post you did not respond to was from May 25, But, yds in the trees left is a stinker. So the club would have the additional 25g of grip and an extra 13g of tape swingweitht the head. Ping said they can get them to D0 or D1 but not higher.


Swingweight – The Ideal Swing Reference Point

Custom clubmakers can also adjust swingweight in some cases by adding different types of fill material inside shafts at different points, or inside clubheads.

Some twenty years ago Swingweoght of was about average. Just curious if that change in grip weight is going to help at all as far as keeping the feel similar.

So any information or opinion would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in finding out all about the swing as it relates to fitting decisions, that information is in our main textbook for fitting titled, Common Sense Clubfitting.

Like always, I recommend some personal experimentation, but I also want to give a few pointers to get you started. What might you suggest about your put up that you just made a few days in the past? I added swijgweight tape to the center cavity back and got them back to D1.