The effect that such powerful magnet assemblies have increases the speed of the cones, and they also produce a high degree of damping. The model shown to the left is the well known PM2A. His first job was with the J. Its contents include critical commentaries, industry personality interviews, specialty show coverages and music reviews. Many people describe it as providing the best of both worlds: The DX series Lowther speakers achieve realism in their sound reproduction that has to be experienced to be believed. The Phase Equalizer may be fitted to all types of Lowther drivers irrespective of age.

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Best Floorstanding Under His first job was with the J.

Lowther DX65 – 7″ Full-range

Despatch of drive units, ex-works, worldwide, is normally within 28 working days of receipt of payment. The reproduced sound is cleaner and clearer with much better separation of musical lowthe. The driver sensitivity will usually not be the final sensitivity of your overall speaker system including enclosure. The basic Lowther design features a 20cm 8 in twin cone driver. The A Series range llwther the extremely large and powerful magnet assemblies for which Lowther has always been renowned.

Utilizing a principle developed more than 50 years ago, the Lowther design concept is stronger than ever. This results in an exceptional transient response, but with the oscillating factor reduced to an absolute minimum.

The DX series of drive units employ state of the art rare earth magnet technology. The frequency range is so smooth, and so much more detail from the recorded source is reproduced, that an entirely new level of listening experience will be enjoyed.


Perhaps the most remarkable feature is the very compact size and light weight, yet with a magnetic power which is 10 times greater than is possible while using conventional magnets. Full sets of plans are available from Lowther Loudspeaker Systems Ltd. No detail is missed and no degrading of the signal will occur due to unwanted coil oscillations while using these high efficiency speakers.

Hearing Loss and Aging, and Music.

Your email address will not be published. This unique construction has many advantages unequalled by any other driver design!

Lowther drivers come in three types based on the kind of material used to construct them, they are: Every Lowther Owner may now enjoy the greatly superior sound reproduction qualities which only the ‘EX’ drivers are capable of.

Full Frequency Range with Single Drivers? The Lowther Story

Many people describe it as providing the best of both worlds: These are general guidelines and can vary by 2dB, depending on the impedance of the speaker, the type of music listened to, the size of the listening room and how loud you like to listen to your music.

These all-powerful magnet assemblies allow the diaphragms to reach acceleration rates well beyond the capabilities of any conventional magnet system.

The Phase Equalizer forms a horn contour between itself and the wall of the inner cone. Lowther, and lowtheg strong friendship was formed.


Facebook uses your real name and can be posted on your wall while WordPress uses our login system. For most people that makes them easier to listen to.

This twin-cone combination, coupled with an exceptionally strong magnet and a very light cone enables the driver to reproduce the full spectrum of audible sound and beyond. There is universal love of music throughout all societies because of the emotional impact that music can sx on our lives. PrimaLuna, Bluzone Audio, Jolida. Full Frequency Range with Single Drivers? Both of these Lowther drivers help to give a faster, cleaner and sweeter sound.

Lowther DX65 Pair – Audio Asylum Trader

With an efficiency of over db from one watt at 1 m, a mere 3 watts will drive these speakers to more than realistic sound levels.

As the driver is full range — no woofers, tweeters or crossovers are required. Lowther also makes 5 inch versions of their larger siblings. Single driver speakers are often more efficient than multiple drivers because of the lack of crossover.

Reproduced music typically lacks the dynamic contrast produced by live music. And where sound frequencies were once reinforced by the two cones working in unison at certain frequencies, now there is no over-forward sound reproduced.