It’s not perfect, but with the huge number of components required on a product like this, achieving perfection is rare. In many situations this can be quite an irritating place to have the connector, so we’d rather have seen it placed a bit further away. At what is likely going to be the busiest part of the mainboard with respect to cabling, the arrangement is reasonably good. The board is equipped with a 4-pin ATX12V connector. Customize The Tech Report The SLI bristles with 46 lanes of connectivity, allowing it to supply a pair of graphics cards with 16 lanes of bandwidth each in SLI.

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LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. Smart Fan mode is available only with a 4-pin cooler. Still, there are five others, but what if you need six!?

Singapore Malaysia Philippines Indonesia. It’s not installed on the center of the chip. Either way, the crab claims yet another enthusiast motherboard. They used to make enthusiast pltainum. Socket AM2-based Athlon 64 processors. Around the back there are the two gigabit ethernet ports with DualNet support, plus the usual array of connectors.

MSI K9N SLI Platinum – motherboard – ATX – Socket AM2 – nForce 570 SLI

We do not see any sense in rushing towards AMD’s new platform. A usual feature of such boards is rich functionality and thorough packages without any fanciful expensive toys.


The sound chip used is the Realtek ALC Once again, good airflow is required to do a decent job of the keeping the nm-based chipset cool, and that heatsink’s going to get hot regardless. MSI is one of the first manufacturers to have released information about their upcoming AM2 motherboards and only very recently unveiled their K9N family. While these performance issues cannot really be commented upon until NDAs have been lifted after the launch of the Socket AM2 processors, we can confirm at this stage that AMD will officially be supporting memory speeds up to DDR About Us Employment Privacy Policy.

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In this case, when the temperature is below the minimal threshold, the rotational speed is kept to minimum. The board comes across to us as pretty well-thought out. It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. Install a long graphics card that takes up two slots into this motherboard and chances are you will lose the ability to use SATA port number 5, which is a little annoying. It overhangs a motherboard at one side, tied to it through an insulating pad. Realtek’s more popular ALC codec has a dB SNR, although we’ll have to see if our audio quality tests can distinguish any difference between the two.


It seems as if some legacy items just won’t die. No Plaginum Day Shortbread. Motherboards Previous page Next page.

Preview – MSI K9N SLI Platinum (NVIDIA nForce SLI) –

Further, cooling relies greatly upon airflow in that area, which, depending on the CPU heatsink used, can be very poor. What was the best tech product of ? Indeed, a watercooled installation may well have minimal airflow in this region. From a bandwidth perspective, that’s not a trivial limitation.

The board is equipped with a 4-pin ATX12V connector. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. Though a bit expensive, they are solidly packed with cabling, brackets and manuals as well as additional and chipset controllers and ports.

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