Unfortunately, on our board at least, there is no accompanying jumper. The Asus is even worse in this respect, as the real running speed when set to Mhz is Overall, we’re pretty pleased with the layout of the board. The greater memory throughput available allows the Athlon to truly flex its muscles in this test. This one takes a while to complete. Any reduction in time would be more than welcome.

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We see the standard 5 PCI slots bit, 33Mhz along with a rather redundant CNR slot, we’d wish motherboard manufacturers would dispense with these.

AMD’s success is due in some part to Via Technologies. Via’s engineers were given the task of improving the KTA’s lacklustre performance, they came up with something not far short of remarkable.

Here we use LAME 3. The manual is well written and intuitively easy to understand.

MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT Overview – CNET

Put simply, it calculates the constant Pi to X million decimal places using the fastest method possible. You’re greeted by a cacophony of buzzers if you connect the heatsink fan ,t3 anything other than the designated CPU fan header, we thought all hell had broken loose.

This one takes a while to complete. Bios duty is handled by AMI, version 3.

VIA KT333 Motherboard Roundup – June 2002

The integrated USB 1. FSB mzi is flexible too, ranging from – Mhz in 1Mhz increments, something which the overclocking and tweaking community will be grateful for.


Let’s have a look at the results. The RAID ports are sensibly placed at the bottom left of the board making connectivity simple. Windows XP installed without incident.

On closer inspection of the individual results, we find that Lobby tests gain the greatest improvement. Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic.

If kh3 is your primary goal then mai MSI should certainly be on your shortlist. Other system processes take their toll when running memory at DDR, such that it can’t satiate the Athlon’s memory desire. In that time we didn’t have one crash that could be attributable to the motherboard, It was and is the paradigm of stability. DVD encoding is another popular pastime of our readers. We’d hoped the KT chipset would have support for this.

The usual gamut of hardware features are covered in intuitive fashion. This, in our opinion, is a strange location.

A new addition to our benchmarking-suite is Pifast. Again, at first glance, the official support for DDR seems a shade academic.

Installation was a breeze with no untoward incidents to report. The fact that the MSI ca put almost marks into the Asus whilst running at a slightly lower clock speed speaks volumes for MSI’s memory ky3.

MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT333 Series

nsi The Asus is even worse in this respect, as the real running speed when set to Mhz is Ideally, we would have liked to see the full complement of DDR slots.


Features and Installation The extensive specification list informs you that this board is jam-packed with features. The inclusion of Bluetooth functionality is definitely a neat feature, but Bluetooth was never intended to be a PC networking standard and on-board Ethernet would have been much more useful. Expect offerings ktt3 all the major manufacturers to hit the retail shelves shortly.

Review: MSI KT3 Ultra ARU – Mainboard –

Memory can be tweaked quite extensively too, with the inclusion of the performance-enhancing 1T command. Naturally, a number crunching activity like Pifast thrives on memory bandwidth, as the computation relies upon passing masses of information between system memory and the CPU.

Benchmarks were run 3 times consecutively and an average score was taken. If you’re looking for a Socket A motherboard to replace one from an older platform, or are seeking one that will give you maximal performance, then the MSI should most definitely make it onto your shortlist.

We overclocked the processor, ran different modules of RAM, used the most aggressive memory timings available.